On resolving.

It’s January 1st, so time for some resolutions. Here are mine:

  1. Do better at keeping in touch with faraway friends. Write more letters. Send more emails.
  2. Get a bit more exercise. Currently, since I get the bus most places, my general exercise is limited to striding up the hill to the station in Durham – and whilst it is a very steep hill, I still need to do more.
  3. Do more cooking. I’ve plans to do more baking, and to have my committees round for dinner on occasion to help this one along a little.
  4. Read through the Bible through the year. I’ll be doing this along with some folks from church.

I think that’s it. Are you resolving to do anything specific this year?

In summary: wondering how long it’ll last.

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  • Reply fionalynne January 2, 2011 at 6:07 pm

    Yey for number one! 😉 I’m already getting excited for my trip to visit you and we haven’t even set a date!
    Think my overarching resolutions for the year will be the same as last year, since I still have “could do better” on my report card: be brave and be positive. Nearly everything else I want to start or improve is impeded by one of the two so they’ll do for me… 🙂

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