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On a surprise gift.

Today I went to Durham.

I sat next to a man on the train who, rather bizarrely to my mind at least, was eating prawns by the handful out of a plastic bag. I don’t really know what disturbed me the most – the fact that he was eating prawns for elevenses, the fact that he was eating prawns on a train or the fact that he was eating prawns out of a plastic bag.


I studied a bit of Hebrews – which was great.

I studied 1 John – which was good, but with an inordinate amount of  digressions.

Then I had an unpleasant journey home, which did not feature anyone consuming seafood, but did include a delayed train, a small child on the train who was both loud and annoying (travelling during half term is pretty special), and the most horrendous Newcastle traffic I’ve ever seen which caused my usual half hour bus ride to take 1 whole hour, and the bus driver to get a wee bit of road rage, driving our (double-decker) bus up onto a kerb, and nearly smashing into a car that was coming round a roundabout.

However, great joy filled my heart when I got home and I found a unexpected parcel on my doormat.

Thank you Fiona!

Properly made my day.

In summary: odd & frustrating, followed by lovely. A good order.

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  • Reply fiona lynne February 25, 2011 at 9:02 am

    Yey! I’m glad it got to you in one piece 🙂

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