On Newcastle’s ‘School of Discipleship’.

Here’s another catch-up post for you:

Back in October I blogged about a fun weekend away with Northumbria CU at my school-day stomping ground (Whithaugh Park).

Well, as it happens, three weeks later I got to go back there for Newcastle CU’s weekend away.

Northumbria’s weekend was an intimate and chillaxed affair – 30 or so students, all eating together, chatting about relationships and eating a lot of fizzy jelly.

Newcastle’s was a wee bit bigger – 120 people, more timetables, three kitchens and dining rooms running to cater for everyone and with teaching on John’s gospel, and a multitude of seminars.

Joy upon joy, we had the same cook in charge, which meant I still got to enjoy a lot of fizzy jelly. Which frankly gets better every time you eat it.

Dave Gobbett, once-upon-a-time UCCF staff worker in the north east (my predecessor’s predecessor’s predecessor) and Newcastle main event week speaker 2011, came and taught from John 14-16.

The houseparty planning team had decided on a school-days theme, which included a school sports day and school-related fancy dress competition.

My planned contribution to the weekend was to deliver a seminar on ‘Apologetics & Evangelism’. It’s not a seminar that I’ve led before, but I really enjoyed preparing it, and loved the fact that I got two chances to deliver it.

My unplanned contribution to the weekend came in the form of doing quite a lot of cooking.

Due to the large numbers and the unique set up of the venue catering has to be done in three sections (three kitchens, three dining rooms). That obviously creates a need for quite a lot of cooks, and one of those who was supposed to come had to drop out at the last minute – so I got drafted.

It certainly wasn’t how I had envisioned the weekend going, but it was really fun. I was helping out in the biggest kitchen, along with the excellent head chef and nearly doctor, Miss Rachel Hubbard (her of the fizzy jelly fame). We cooked a lot, we danced a lot, we threw an impromptu banquet and we only started two fires. Bonus.

Because of the unexpected culinary role I only really took photos of food. You’ll find them below.

The group shot above was taken by Andy, who is an art student and excellent photographer. You can see some more of his stuff on his website here.

A beautiful decorated trifle - 3rd course of the banquet

Rachel getting creative with AfterEights

In summary: apologetics and grease fires make for a fun weekend.

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